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Builder in hampstead with a party wall problem

adjoining owner, General Questions on Party Wallon July 8th, 20121 Comment

Hi, I hope you can help. Im a builder working in Hampstead London and note that you deal with party wall issues in this area. We have a problem with the adjoining neighbour to the property we were working on. Her party wall surveyor wanted to keep coming to our property and inspecting our work!I  took the view that I had nothing to hide so I let the party wall surveyor into our customers property and he inspected four times. However I now understand that he has sent a bill to my customer for each inspection he undertook. Can you clarify this for me?
Has the adjoining neighbour’s party wall surveyor got the right to inspect the work being undertaken in our customer’s property, who was served the party wall documents?

Also does my customer have to pay for the inspections?