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Recent court case for party wall building owners.

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A recent Court Case with interesting ramifications for Building Owners:
Geoffrey Kaye –v- Mathew Lawrence (2010) EWHC 2678 (TCC) 26 October 2010, Mr Justice Ramsey
Mathew Lawrence planned to carry out works to his home in Poole that involved excavation within 3 metres of the neighbours property at a depth that required Notice to be given in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996.
Mr Kaye dissented and Surveyors were appointed in accordance with the requirements of section 10 of the Act.
Mr Kaye required Mr Lawrence to provide a bond or project specific insurance in respect of potential damage to his property during the execution of the (party wall) works to Mr Lawrence’s property.
The matter was referred to the Third Surveyor who apparently determined that such security could not be requested under Section 12(1) of the Act unless the Building Owner was intending to carry out works on the Adjoining Owners land or property.
(It is not necessarily surprising that the Third Surveyor took this view, because this position is advised as being the case in at least one highly regarded book on the subject of Party Wall Matters, however, in this respect the wording of the Act does not differentiate between work on the Adjoining Owners  or work on the Building Owners land)
We report this case because, Mr Justice Ramsey decided to differ from the Third Surveyors views and determined that the Act was quite clear.
The ramifications of this ruling could mean that if the Adjoining Owner demands a bond or insurance to cover the eventuality of damage occurring to his property, the building owner may well be obliged to cover the costs.
We will be eagerly viewing the legal notice boards over the coming months for further such cases and clarifications of this seemingly changed position.

What You Need to Know About Party Wall Matters

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What do you need to know about party wall matters?

That depends… how much of a glutton for punishment are you? If you intend to tackle a construction project that involves a party wall matter by yourself, then what you’ll definitely need to know plenty about the complicated world of party wall matters.

Free Information Booklet

You can start with a free copy of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s handy 22-page Explanatory Booklet that we can provide you with a link to.

Visit the party wall act explained to get your copy.

But even that, as the booklet will tell you, is “not an authoritative interpretation of the law.” You’ll have to keep researching all the myriad details of your particular situation. For most people, this does not strike them as fun at all. And if you’ll likely ever do but one or two projects involving a party wall matter, then the huge investment of your time required to master the various regulations is probably not worth it. In any case, you (as the Building Owner ) cannot act as a Surveyor.

You can serve the Notices but if the Adjoinming Owner dissents / disagrees then you will have to appoint a Surveyor in any case. But you can avoid much of the hassle by hiring a professional party wall surveyor at the outset and authorising them to act on your behalf throughout the entire process.

Whilst you can serve Notices, if they are not properly written and served then they could be invalid and all procedures that follow are null & void – you go back to square one.

Party Wall Matters

Anyone who carries out certain work involving a party wall, construction on a boundary or excavation for foundations close to an adjoining building anywhere in England and Wales is likely to need to consider the requirements of the Party Wall Etc Act of 1996.

One of the most important requirements of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 is that you must give notice to all Adjoining Owners, even if your construction work does not extend beyond the centre line of the Party wall.

That is very important to note: even if you didn’t think you’re affected by the Act because all your construction appears to take place upon your property… you still possibly are. And once your neighbours are legally informed that you are carrying out work that could potentially affect their structure and property, they’re also going to feel much better about your project (and likely refrain from causing you potential delays) if they see that you have entrusted the Party Wall matters to a professional firm of Party wall surveyors.

The Party Wall Surveyor

London Party Wall Surveyors can assist you with your project from start to finish. We’ll perform the initial research to determine your specific job needs and give you a written estimate of costs.

Our professional surveyors can prepare notices, liaise with your Architect, Engineer etc., and obtain the information neccessary to assist in putting an agreement in place in a timely manner. We’ll keep you advised of the progress of the party wall matters, and our experience in dealing with the issues that arise will help . If any issues do arise, you can rest easy that London Party Wall Surveyors will quickly respond to them.