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Paulina Sanchez 1 is A cheerleader that is hispanic at senior school.

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Paulina Sanchez 1 is A cheerleader that is hispanic at senior school.

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Paulina Sanchez 1 is just A hispanic cheerleader at casper senior high school.


Paulina is really a tan-skinned Hispanic woman. She’s directly, black colored long locks who has a red locks clip from the part, with teal eyes and talks with an accent that is spanish.

She wears a pink shirt that is crop-top light blue capri jeans, and white flats.

Paulina is known as to be probably one of the most gorgeous and popular girls at Casper twelfth grade.


Paulina Cheerleading. Inside Her Own Special Way.

Paulina is a vain, arrogant, trendy, bratty, insensitive and self-centered woman whom often believes lowly of anybody below her criteria, called “Shallow” by Sam Manson.

Paulina just cares about appeal and beauty as this woman is happy to make use of other people on her behalf own advantages, like visiting the party with Danny Phantom to make Sam jealous in “Parental Bonding. “

She also just offers Danny along with his buddies invites to her birthday celebration because Danny Phantom frequently seems if they’re around, also asking Phantom to simply take an invite so that she can uninvite them (“Memory Blank”).

There is moments where she can be excessively heartless, such as for example treating Valerie adversely after the latter becomes bad. read more