The Act Explained


If you are planning to invest in a loft conversion, a basement conversion or ground floor extension, unless your property is fully detached and isolated from any neighbouring structures, you will need to be mindful of the impact on your neighbours and on any shared walls in particular.

Typically semi-detached, terraced houses and flats have one or more walls shared with a neighbour and this will be designated as a “party wall” and will be subject to a party wall agreement wherever the wall is to be incorporated or extended as part of any proposed building works.

The Party Wall Act Explanatory Booklet

This booklet has been produced to explain in simple terms how the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (”the Act”) may affect someone who either wishes to carry out work covered by the Act (the “Building Owner”), or receives notification under the Act of proposed adjacent work (the “Adjoining Owner”).

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Party Wall etc Act 1996: explanatory booklet (PDF 602 Kb)