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Types of Party Wall

The Party Wall Act recognizes two main types of party wall:

(a) a wall which forms part of a building and stands on lands of different owners to a greater extent than the projection of any artificially formed support on which the wall rests;

and (b) so much of a wall not being a wall referred

to in paragraph (a) above as separates buildings belonging to different


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The Act also uses terms “party fence wall” and “party structure”:

Party fence wall means a wall (not being part of a building) which stands on lands of different owners and is used or constructed to be used for separating such adjoining lands, but does not include a wall constructed on the land of one owner the artificially formed support of which projects into the land of another owner;

Party structure means a party wall and also a floor partition or other structure separating buildings or parts of buildings approached solely by separate staircases or separate entrances.