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Surveyors continually strive to improve their level of service because their aim is to assist both Building Owners and Adjoining Owners in resolving Party Wall matters as painlessly as possible. We strive to become London’s leading party wall surveying firm and hope to assist you in successfully navigating

the party wall notice, dispute, and award procedures.

If you are considering a major investment in a loft or basement conversion, a ground floor extension, or even structurally modifying a shared ceiling or floor in London odds are high that you will run into a party wall. A party wall is defined by the Party Wall etc Act of 1996 as any wall shared by two properties, often but not always, where the property boundary runs through the thickness of the wall. Apartments, flats, lofts, semi-detached terraced houses usually all have at least one and often more than one party wall shared with neighbours.

More often than not a Party Wall Surveyor will become involved in a major construction project. The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is Law, and since July 1997 it must be complied with throughout England & Wales. Failure to comply with the Act could result in a Court issuing an injunction to stop work until the Act is complied with, resulting in possible extra costs, delays… …to your project.

Even relatively mild construction delays can add major unanticipated costs to your budget. If a dispute goes awry to a large enough extent it can even involve expensive litigation. It makes sense to get early advice on Party Wall matters because the true long term cost of angry and resentful neighbours is possibly impossible to calculate financially, isnÆt it?

Especially in tricky situations with other owners who dispute your party wall notice û if you don’t already have a surveyor on board at that point, you really ought to immediately. London Party Wall Surveyors can assist you with your project. HereÆs what London Party Wall Surveyors can do for you:

  • Initial research and preparation û we will help you determine your job needs, give you a prior estimate of costs, and identify any impacted neighbours you’ll need to give notice to
  • Providing and Documenting Written Notice we will professionally draft and deliver the required written notice to affected parties
  • Liaise with neighbours Party Wall Surveyor(s), draft, finalise and serve Party Wall Awards, prepare Schedules of Condition and keep you advised of our progress in these matters
  • Be on hand throughout the course of the building work to answer your questions and deal with issues arising in a professional manner

You may have significant legal duties and responsibilities under the Party Wall etc Act, so why not turn to a professional firm who deal only in Party Wall matters.